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Juliane Kunzendorf

I was born in Leipzig, but raised in Berlin, where I got my first music lessons at the age of 7 years. Several teachers accompanied me on my way to become a singer - as Barbara Dollfus and Kristiina Mäkimatilla.

Between 2009 and 2016 I studied singing and singing teaching at the University of the Arts Berlin in the singing class of Prof. Eva Kirchner, graduating with a masters level Diploma.

I perform as a soloist, as a member in choirs and in other chamber music projects. My passion is Early Music but I also enjoy musical improvisation and Contemporary Music. One of my main focuses is singing concerts  - in churches and concert halls.

Together with the guitarist Benjamin Doppscher I founded the chamber music Duo „Due Musici“ with the intention to perform Early Music in a new style. In 2013 we recorded our first album called „O Mistress Mine“ with songs of John Dowland.

In 2021, I joined the Lyhrus Ensemble and we perform the music written by composer Lyhrus.

In the same year, I also started performing with the Pegasus Quartett.

You can find the upcoming concerts here.